Every woman wants to look beautiful, and why shouldn’t she? Body Image has a significant impact on one’s self-esteem. Women face the pressure to look good much more than men, primarily due to societal and cultural conditioning. What is the definition of beautiful? Well, today beauty standards are exceptionally high because they are set by the flawless faces and beautiful bodies of actors & models in movies, television, magazines and billboards. Today’s youth have far
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg wore a formal navy blue suit and a tie at the Congressional hearing last week. His blue tie resembled his Facebook brand colour. His hair too was neatly trimmed. Although the suit was not well fitted as compared to a tailored suit, it was still a formal suit. Mark is known for his signature casual attire comprising grey t-shirts, hoodies and jeans. That uniform is his Personal Style. Maybe he was
Justin Trudeau received a lot of flak during his recent India visit, not only over political controversial issues, but also for his fashion faux pas. The Canadian Prime Minister is usually known as one of the best-dressed male politicians in the World. So what went wrong this time? “He failed to project an Appropriate and Authentic IMAGE and went overboard”.  Image Management has 4 A’s: Authentic, Appropriate, Attractive and Affordable. The question of affordability doesn’t
Now that we are one month down the New Year of 2018, I asked few friends and aquatints about their New Year’s Resolution or Goals. Some had none, most people had a New Year’s Resolution like developing a hobby, losing weight, travel etc. Very few people had set goals, and of them, a miniscule number had written their goals. For those who don’t believe in Goal Setting, I’d like ask them a question. How many
From plain white clothes to coloured ones, from natural dyes to synthetic ones, from Black & White to Colour Cinema; the Colour Industry has evolved over time. Colour preferences differ as per geographical location, climate, culture, age, gender and profession. May it be clothes, accessories, make-up or décor; colours add vibrancy and zing to our lives. Colours influence your mood and convey deep messages. Colours are used as an effective tool in branding and marketing.