Individual Consulting

Investing in YOURSELF, is an investment with guaranteed RESULTS!

Investing in yourself is the biggest gift you can give yourself. Why be an ordinary YOU when you can be YOU 2.0 – Your Best Version. Personal consulting includes Personal Image Profiling, based on an individual’s roles and goals. Accordingly, consultation Clinics are suggested as per individual requirements. Clinics involve detailed analysis and recommendations.

Clinics Included:

  • Lifestyle Evaluation: In depth analysis of your Lifestyle, Roles and Goals.


  • Body Language: Use your body language to your advantage.


  • Body Shape Analysis: It’s not about having the perfect body, but dressing in a manner that suits your body shape and makes you look attractive.


  • Face Shape: Wear necklines and accessories that suit your face shape.


  • Colour Analysis: Choose the right colours and combinations to suit your personal colour.


  • Personal Style Analysis: Wear clothes in harmony with your Personal Style.


  • Cluster Planning: The Art of co-ordinating outfits to get maximum value for different occasions.


  • Wardrobe Evaluation: Get an organised wardrobe, make maximum utilisation of your wardrobe space and find a solution to that overflowing cupboard of unwanted clothes and wardrobe orphans. Have outfits for every occasion, professional as well as social.


  • Personal Shopping: Use a planned approach to buy clothes and accessories that work for you as per your roles and goals, and get maximum value for every penny spent.


  • Grooming and Make-up (for ladies): Look presentable and attractive, learn quick make-up techniques and skin care tips.


  • Etiquette: Business and Social Etiquette, plus Dinning Etiquette. 


  • Behavioural Skills Coaching:
    Assertiveness & Confidence Building
    Effective Communication
    Time Management
    Goal Setting
    Interpersonal Skills
    Leadership Skills 


  • Mind Power Coaching: Unleash your highest potential by tapping into the treasure of your subconscious mind and live a more successful, joyful and happier life.